SportIdent Ziemassvētku piedāvājums SI10 un SI11 karšu iegādei

Soon it will be Christmas again,

 and everybody is looking for extraordinary Christmas presents. SPORTident offers fantastic new products for Christmas from 24 October to 16 December 2012, the SI-Card 10 and 11.

Get 10% discount on the SI-Card 10 and 11,  a new and improved SI-Card generation. The SI-Cards 10/11 register the data record in 60ms, this is twice as fast as the SI-Card 8/9.
The high punching speed, the large memory size and the new attractive design of the SI-Cards 10/11 make it a perfect gift for every ambitious sportsman and sportswoman. With the individual colour design and the choice of your SI-Card Number the SI-Card 10 can be an individual gift for your loved ones as well as the SI-Card 11, which comes in a modern design with a chromium plated tip and a transparent body.

 Furthermore the SI-Card 11 offers a new function:  the new optical feedback signal is informingthe runner about the successful time registration even after he passed the control-station.
You want to have the new generation of SI-Cards? This means it is time for you to order the SI- Card 10 or 11 NOW on our website! Get a 
10% discount:
We will send you your SI-Card 10/11 by mail.

For further information, please contact our local retailer:

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