OS programmu saraksts

Aktuālais  orientēšanās sportam paredzētu  programmu saraksts (avots IOF):


3DRerun  analysis
CatchingFeatures  game
Condes 9  course planning
Emit eTiming  event administration
EResults Lite  event administration
EResults Pro  event administration
GPSSeuranta  tracking
MeOS  event administration, speaker
Mulka 2  event administration
OCAD 11  mapping
OE2010  event administration
OEvent  event administration
O-Lynx  event administration
ÓR – Orienteering Results  event administration, analysis
Orienteering Organiser &
 event administration, speaker, course planning, analysis
Orienteering Way  game
Ori-Live  tracking, speaker
OriRes  analysis
pcM Orienteering Game  game
Purple Pen  course planning
RaceManager  event administration
Rasor lite  game
RelayManager  event administration
RogainManager  event administration
RouteGadget  analysis
SI Simple  analysis
SIDResults  analysis
SIME  event administration
Ski-o Map Memory  training
tTiMe  event administration
Virtual Orienteering  game


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